The Christian Community Service Center provides for many needs in the local community.

Back to School Supplies

Among other helpful programs, the Christian Community Service Center provides new school supplies, clothing and uniforms to 6,500 children per year. The distribution takes place in early August.

Each child receives a comprehensive, grade-appropriate package of school supplies and a $30 voucher to be used for clothing. Gently used clothing and shoes are also available.

In order to receive these items, you must register in early May at 4417 Bellaire Blvd in Bellaire Texas.  Families who would like to participate are encouraged to begin calling in April to find out registration details.

You may be asked to provide photo ID, proof of income, proof of child’s age and proof of address in one of the following 33 CCSC-approved zip codes: 77401, 77098, 77096, 77081, 77074, 77072, 77057, 77056, 77046, 77036, 77033, 77031, 77030, 77029, 77028, 77027, 77026, 77025, 77023, 77021, 77020, 77019, 77016, 77012, 77011, 77010, 77009, 77007, 77006, 77005, 77004, 77003, 77002.

Emergency Services

If you need help with a basic need, such as food, clothing, medical assistance or rent/utility payments, CCSC may be able to help. The food pantry can provide a five-day supply of food for your household and you may be able to receive fresh produce from the community garden. A clothing bank is also available. Limited financial assistance is by appointment only.

Jingle Bell Express

Since 1980, CCSC volunteers have made Christmas a reality for needy families in the Houston area. In December 2016, CCSC served 2,776 children in 910 families.

Through the Jingle Bell Express program, parents shop for their children and select 1-2 toys and books for each child (up to age 15). The entire family also receives a food package.

JobNet Services

Job seekers can receive coaching, workshops, computer training, job leads and community resources through the JobNet program. Additional vocational training is available through the Martha’s Way program.

Vision Care

The Louise J. Moran Vision Care Program helps under-served children receive eye exams and glasses. In the 2016 -2017 school year, this program provided vision screenings to 1,859 children. It also provided professional eye exams to 581 children and, of these, 533 obtained glasses through the program.